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February 2018

Vie deLight

NO gluten, parabéns, ethyl alcohol, nuts, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil or artificial colorants, and is cruelty free!

  • Powered with potent phytonutrients derived from botanicals, including angelica, Bilberry and Acai, this set is designed to effectively cleanse, nourish and beautify your skin.
  • Includes a multitasking foaming Cleanser, Balancing Lotion, Moisture Gel and Serum--So simple yet highly effective.
  • This powerful 4-step set provides comprehensive care that is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

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January 2018

Hi there; 

     Just returned from the 2018 Noevir Convention in Cancun!  Wow!  It's been five years since I attended my last convention in Las Vegas.  Longer travel time, but what a place to have a convention!  The Paradisus was fantastic!  Had to take our Welcome Party -- fun Disco theme -- indoors because of a rain shower just hours before it was to start at poolside.  The weather gods were good to us, because there was enough time to move the party indoors!

   The competition for the best costume had 4 categories, and our own "Maki" Masaki gave a talented and surprising dance exhibition. The Canadian team - Northern Lights -- performed a choreographed dance to win the "valuable" trophy presented by VP Tim Krimm.  Apparently there was a mixup, because the trophy was "forgotten on a table and new rules" were enacted at the beginning of the following morning session with a vote of attendees, and unanimous agreement to re-present the "valuable trophy"to the Canadians!  

     CEO Rich Minato opened the Friday session, followed by the launch of a new special treatment Neck & Decolette Cream with training by Product Specialist Rachel Yoo, with business training by Kris Kang and her team.

     The Saturday session began with the launch of the new Vie deLight Vegan skincare line.  Special training was presented by Dr. Kenta Shingaki, the product developer, who described the complex research in the development of this timely product.

     The Awards Dinner at Noevir Conventions is always very special, and Noevir Japan President Mr. Yasuo Kaiden was our special guest speaker.   He discussed the uniqueness of the Noevir company and extensive genetic research with Japanese Universities as well as the continuing environmental consciousness of Noevir.   In its pristine environment on the Island of Hokkaido, the northernmost island, our Hokkaido Pilot Farm (certified organic)  in true Noevir tradition plants are nurtured and harvested to ensure the nutrients remain in their most effective and potent states.  "This is our commitment to you -- to incorporate the best possible sources for our unique skincare products."


     Prior to our travel to Cancun, attendees received a set of the new Vie deLight skincare, so we had a chance to try it for several days.  This 4-step skincare line is a 4-month supply and reflects years of research at our Japanese facilities; Noevir utilizes a new marketing method --auto-ship -- with free shipping, and a 10% savings.  A bonus will be a surprise product gift in every auto-ship package, and of course, the unique Noevir 90-day money-back guarantee.       

  Celebrate Beauty Inside and out with Vie deLight  -- 

go to the website:     to experience the Noevir Secret for yourself.

Silicones in shampoo????

On a recent national website I found some interesting information about common shampoos:

That it's good to switch shampoos occasionally so that a "buildup of ingredients such as silicones" would be prevented!!  Having used only Noevir products for over 30 years, this was news to me, and I remember having seen "dandruff" on shoulders, and wondered about it.

Now, probably like you, I'm wondering what silicones are doing for your hair and why are they among the other questionable ingredients in some shampoos.  And a "cosmetic chemist" is recommending it!  And a "clarifying shampoo" could be used once a month!!  Then it also says you should avoid "creating too much friction" ???   And if the top of your scalp is dry or flaky because you apply the shampoo in the same spot, start with the shampoo in a different spot!!!!!  REALLY!!

Doesn't that make you wonder just a little bit about what else is in those over-the-counter products available in grocery and discount stores that you should have to "clarify" it?  or worry about creating friction?  Do you ever look at the ingredients list on the bottle?

Noevir Tokara Hair and Body products contain rich sea minerals and algae extracts to leave hair clean, healthy & shiny.  We are proud of the high-end exclusive ingredients,  combined  after years of research.

I use Tokara Sea Mineral Shampoo and matching Conditioner from Noevir -- and have for as long as it's been available.  Also, I use the Tokara Deep Conditioner occasionally.  My hair stylist tells me my hair is so thick, healthy and silky!  I guess that's not so bad for this old broad!!!

Besides being so good for the hair and scalp, you can also support the environment because you can get a product refill.  And all the containers are recyclable!  That should make your hair -- and YOU -- feel really special.....

Have a great Noevir day!


The below link will take you to information about Tokara products:

Note:  Eco-friendly refills to help preserve the environment  are available for Tokara Hair and Body items.

Happy 2018

With the change of the seasons, it's time to be aware of the changes to your skin.  It's important to know that your skin needs protection and care every season.    You might want to print out this list and use as a guideline, and be sure to check out the YouTube links for Noevir products.

1)  Exfoliate:  Gently remove dead skin 3-4 times a week, so that moisturizer and special treatments are easily absorbed. Quick Recovery Mask:

2)  Sunscreen:  Use a quality sunscreen every day, not just when you see the sun.  Damaging UVA (aging) rays & UVB (burning) rays are always there.  Reformulated Face and Body Sun will be available in the Spring.

3)  Moisturize:  a quality moisturizer helps to form a protective barrier against drier, colder, windier winter weather. 

4)  Hydrate:   Cells in your body require pure water.  Think 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water -- DAILY.  Without enough water, your skin will be dry and flaky, and more likely to wrinkle.

5)  Diet:  Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants are just as good for your skin as the rest of your body.  Quality nutritionals (especially Noevir Spirulina) can help an unbalanced diet.

6)  Sleep:  Besides restoring your body, your skin repairs itself overnight.  Always ALWAYS clean skin before bedtime!  Use the Night Smoothy to restore your skin overnight:            

7)  Smoking hazard:  It stresses your skin, can speed up aging. Your skin needs the oxygen & Nutrients that is lost by narrowed blood vessels.

8)   HINT:  Use quality skin care such as Noevir "natural-to-your-skin" skincare -- simple 3-step cleansing is key to lovely skin, plus ph balancing, moisturizing & protecting.      Noevir Skincare Philosophy  When you want the best, you will choose Noevir! It's guaranteed to be the best skincare your skin has ever tried.  To help you decide which skincare line fits your skin and your purse, contact me at:                      or 206.724.3433


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 At age 77 Dec 15, 2013

You see, Noevir REALLY IS ANTI-AGING!  

Thank you so much, Noevir USA!


NEW!  Neck & Decollete Cream

This innovative, multi-tasking formula is designed to nourish and improve the appearance of the delicate skin on your neck & décolleté area. It is important to take proper care of this fragile skin on your neck and décolleté to help maintain supple, youthful looking skin. This anti-aging formula intensely moisturizes your skin for a firmer look while minimizing the appearance of uneven skin tone. With immediate and long term benefits it provides, your neck and décolleté will appear smoother, brighter and more defined.

This unique cream:

• Immediately plumps skin with moisture to smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

• Multi-targeted formula addresses concerns of premature signs of aging.

• Lightweight texture melts into the skin without feeling greasy, skin is left soft and velvety.

• Unique combination of botanical extracts help promote the appearance of supple, bright and tightened neck & décolleté area.

• A soft, delicate fragrance of muguet and lilac treats your senses to help enhance beautifying benefits.

Herbal & Botanicals:

Livistona extract: derived from fruits of Chinese fan-palm, its potent nutrients nourishes skin to help promote the appearance of supple, firm and youthful skin.

Edelweiss extract: an enduring symbol of the Alps, this plant is not only celebrated for its beauty but also for its resiliency under harsh environment. Its antioxidant properties help brighter-looking skin while defending against the premature signs of aging.

Peony root extract: The graceful flower is often referred as the “Queen of Flower”. Peony has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic and Greek herbal medicine. Its root is considered as a powerhouse of nutrients and used to help promote youthful looking skin with a beautiful glow.

For more info and to order:

BioSign Inner Treatment


This revolutionary beauty treatment is sure to take your skincare to the next level by multi-rejuvenating your skin from within.   It helps target and correct all visible signs of aging, while recovering a beautiful, youthful appearance.  This deep-penetrating serum is designed to be used before all other skincare products to boost your skin's natural power to recapture vitality and radiance. By enhancing the effectiveness of other anti-aging products, its effectiveness and benefits will be even more profound over time!

Use with your regular Noevir skincare regimen for enhanced benefits.

 BioSign InnerTreatment  
Anti-aging Special Treatment
After Genetic Research for 22 years!

 Inspired by the skin’s own youth gene, BIOSIGN Inner Treatment is an advanced formula designed to stimulate skin’s natural recovery process by boosting its cellular power. A truly innovative formula that helps to maximize and reactivate skin’s rejuvenation process, this powerful serum helps to achieve a healthy, youthful complexion, resulting in significantly improved texture, tone, elasticity and radiance. The light serum quickly penetrates deep into the skin, enhancing absorption, while multiplying the benefits of all other treatment products. 

Ideal for every skin type, including sensitive skin.  For anyone who wants to boost and restore their skin’s natural capabilities to fight against signs of premature aging.

Features and Benefits:
Jujube fruit extract: Used for over 4,000 years in Chinese Traditional Medicine, this fruit extract is considered to be a powerhouse of nutrients with many health-promoting benefits. Its unique set of nutrients play an important role in improving skin’s resilience, while resisting premature aging. In BIOSIGN, it is used together with a multitude of herbs and botanicals to help stimulate skin’s cell activities to recover youthful-looking skin.