Maggie's Blog:  March

Noevir Corporate came to the Seattle area last week.    Special guests at numerous events in the Greater Seattle area were Tim Krimm, Vice President of Business Development based at our US headquarters in Irvine, CA.  He was accompanied by Emily Cho, Skincare Specialist with Noevir Japan.  

On Tuesday, 3/13,  Roberta Fuhr owner of The Tea Experience on Front Street in Issaquah opened her business to a Noevir event hosted by Kathryn Stueckle.  Ten ladies seated at a round table sipped Noevir Herbal Tea while listening to Kathryn's story about her initial Noevir experience in 1986, and what being in business with Noevir has meant to her personally.  Mr. Krimm shared his cosmetic sales experience as a representative with several major cosmetic houses and his early experiences with direct sales.  Kathryn led the group in having the Noevir experience with hand demos of the 99+ skincare, and Miss Cho taught us how to properly use the newest Noevir special treatment product, Neck and Decollete cream, which is suitable for all skin types.  

An innovative, multi-tasking formula is designed to nourish and improve the appearance of the delicate skin on your neck & décolleté area.  It is important to take proper care of this fragile skin on your neck and décolleté to help maintain supple, youthful looking skin.  This anti-aging formula intensely moisturizes your skin for a firmer look while minimizing the appearance of uneven skin tone.  With immediate and long term benefits it provides, your neck and décolleté will appear smoother, brighter and more defined.   This unique combination of botanical extracts, including extracts of Livistona, Edelweiss and Peony Root helps promote the appearance of supple, bright and tightened next and décolleté area.  As with all special treatment products, maximum results are obtained with the appropriate skin care regimen and a special massage is suggested for this product.

In North Bend on Wednesday evening, Twin Peaks Nutrition and Wellness owner, Sharon Hockenbury opened her doors to a ladies "Spa Night," offering foot baths and hand facials with Noevir 99+ skincare.  One of the guests, Susan, was treated to a full facial by Emily Cho.  Other holistic health services  were also experienced by the guests.  

If you would like to experience the new Vie deLight through the new Vie deLight Challenge
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